A time that will change your life!

We want to welcome you to this process in which God will show how great is His guide and faithfulness to those who want to be His servants.
There is a team of missionaries who will be helping you step by step to be part of the Word of life Mexico, Bible Institute.


Word of life uses a selective process for the admission to the Bible Institute.

The following items are required in order to attend Word of Life Bible Institute

Official Documentation

Fill out the request form, Official education certificate. (High school diploma)., birth certificate (copy), and criminal record certificate.

Medical certificate

Blood test, HIV test, Urine test, Blood type (Rh factor), Vaccination record + anti-tetanus vaccination.


Demonstrate sustainable finances and 2 guarantors  letters.


Testimony worksheet and a pastoral reference.


The Marriage certificate (a copy) and all the other requirements.


We send you a list of things which will be necessary during your stay in the Bible Institute in Mexico, this is necessary to make your stay and time enjoyable.
  • Clothing Rules.

    Te sugerimos consultar en forma interna la  ropa adecuada para traer a IBPV. Ropa de abrigo, ya que en nuestra temporada de invierno las temperaturas bajan hasta cero grados celsius. (Clima en Querétaro)

    We suggest you to review your clothing to bring it to the IBPV. We have  temperatures drop to zero degrees celsius in winter.

  • Medical Insurance

    To have social insurance, be sure to bring your letter of “existence of rights “to be treated at any clinic; your insurance number or insurance policy.  

    For the foreigns students, will be a different process to have a insurance coverage  or to have any existing international health insurance.

  • School objects

    Bible, notebooks, pencil, etc.

  • Official documentation

     Passport, we have a project of travelling abroad, to support the different ministries of Word of Life in the region (we recommend you to start with the passport process, so should bring al the necessary documents, the paperwork or process can be done in Queretaro City. The possibilities to travel should be in May or June.

  • Personal devices

    You can bring some personal devices under your responsibility.Such as: a computer, iPod, Mp3, cellphone, etc.

  • Lodging

    Sleeping bag (recommended and morepractical) or blankets.

    A bag or a small suitcase for traveling (it will be necessary to go out foryour weekend ministry and the all the tours you will be doing).

Carlos & Carina Luna

Ministerio para la Iglesia Local / Legales

Marcelo & Victoria Ramírez

Coordinador de Admisiones del Instituto Bíblico Palabra de Vida en México

Requirements to get a Visa for your entrance to Mexico

  • Passport copies. ( only pages with photo and validity of).
  • Religious record sending by Word of Life or a legal personality of your church. It will be in a headed notepaper and signed by the legal agent. It will also be legalized for the Mexican consulate. Please send it by messenger service
  • With this documentation we will do the necessary for the approval papers to come in to Mexico and carry out of the religious activities. (We will send it to you by messenger service).
  • Please make sure to send me the Mexican consulate and concerned address.
  • If you are interested you must have to send your documentation 90 days before your entrance to the Bible Institute.

Solicita  información para ingresar al Instituto Bíblico


01 (441) 2964186

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